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"Thirteen Five-Year Plan" proposed to promote the healthy construction of China

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March 17, the "two sessions" authorized the Xinhua News Agency issued the "People's Republic of China's national economic and social development of the thirteenth Five-Year Plan." The Outline of the Thirteen Five-Year Plan is formulated in accordance with the Suggestions of the CPC Central Committee on Formulating the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, which mainly states the strategic intentions of the country and clearly sets forth the grand goals, main tasks and major initiatives of economic and social development. The behavior orientation of market players is an important basis for the government to carry out its duties and is the common vision of the people of all nationalities. "Thirteen Five" plan is divided into twenty eighty chapters.
"13th Five-Year Plan" pointed out that the "thirteen-five" period is to build a moderately prosperous society decisive stage. We must conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee's strategic decision-making and deployment, accurately grasp the profound changes in the development environment and conditions at home and abroad, and actively adapt to grasp the new normal to lead economic development, and comprehensively promote innovation and development, coordinated development, green development, open development and sharing development; Build a well-off society.
"Thirteen Five-Year Plan" Chapter sixty "to promote healthy China's construction" in the proposed comprehensive medical and health system reform to ensure food and drug safety. Deepen the reform of medical and health system, adhere to the principle of prevention, establish and improve the basic medical and health system, to achieve universal access to basic medical and health services, promotion of fitness, improve people's health.
Comprehensively deepen the reform of medical and health system. The implementation of medical, health insurance, medicine linkage, promote the separation of medicine, establish and improve coverage of urban and rural residents of the basic medical and health system. Comprehensively promote comprehensive reform of public hospitals, adhere to the public property, get rid of profit-driven mechanism, reduce operating costs, phasing out drug addition, promote the reform of medical service prices, improve public hospital compensation mechanism. Establish a modern hospital management system, the implementation of the independent legal status of public hospitals, medical personnel in line with the characteristics of the industry pay system. Improve the basic drug system, deepen the drug, consumables circulation system reform, improve the drug supply security mechanism. Encourage the research and creation of new drugs, will be listed on innovative drugs and drugs through the consistency of the priority evaluation included in the health insurance directory. Encourage social forces to set up health services, and promote non-profit private hospitals and public hospitals equal treatment. Strengthen industry-wide supervision, improve the quality of medical services, to ensure medical security. Optimize the medical environment, improve the dispute mediation mechanism, build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
Promote the inheritance and development of Chinese medicine. Improve the health care service system of Chinese medicine, innovate the mode of Chinese medicine service, and enhance the ability of grassroots service. Strengthen the clinical research base and scientific research institutions. Development of Health Service for Traditional Chinese Medicine. To carry out the survey of traditional Chinese medicine resources, to strengthen the protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources, the establishment of ancient Chinese medicine database and knowledge base. Accelerate the standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the level of traditional Chinese medicine industry. The establishment of large, authentic and endangered medicinal herbs seed breeding base, and promote the green development of Chinese herbal medicine planting industry. Support the development of national medicine. Promote the appropriate technology of Chinese medicine, and promote Chinese medicine services to go out.
Protection of food and drug safety. Implementing food safety strategies. Improve the food safety regulations and regulations, improve food safety standards, strengthen the source of governance, the full implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises, the implementation of grid monitoring, supervision and inspection frequency and sampling coverage, implementation of the whole industry chain can be traced back management. To carry out national food safety city to create action. We will deepen the reform of examination and approval system for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and explore the reform and review institutions in accordance with the independent corporate governance model. The implementation of drug business enterprise classification classification management. Accelerate the improvement of food regulatory system, improve the strict and efficient, social governance of food and drug safety governance system. Strengthen the rural food and drug safety management, improve the network of food and drug supervision. Strengthen the supervision of food and drug import.
"13th Five-Year Plan" in the "Health China Action Plan" column proposed: inheritance and innovation in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine hospitals to improve infrastructure conditions. Support key disciplines and focus on Chinese medicine specialist (disease) construction, strengthen the training of Chinese medicine personnel. Implementation of the Action Plan for the Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the food and drug safety, improve the inspection and testing technology support system and information system, the establishment of food and drug professional inspectors team to achieve at all levels of equipment with standardized management team to comprehensively enhance the management capacity.
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